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Returning Sorcerer


i’m lvl 179 Wiz1Cry2Lnk1Sorc2 atm. PVE only.

i logged in and see that alot have changed for sorcerers, so i’m very confused atm
Can someone help and clarify something:

  1. SPR is a thing now? What stats should i aim?
  2. Is Cry3 and Sorc3 viable to take?
  3. Any new classes that synergy well with Sorc3?
  4. Is Temple Shooter still a thing or i should aim and farm some other cards?

  1. Full SPR. Each point is roughly a 0.3% dmg multiplier for summons. Bats, Desmodus and Evocation also benefit from this spr multiplier.
  2. Sure why not? It’s good crowd control.
    3)The alternatives are Wiz3 for lethargy strike bonus (for Marnox summon) and Thaum1 for 10% BASE atk multiplier for summons (not that strong tbh).
  3. Templeshooter is only good with Necromancer (missile dmg debuff that doesn’t work on bosses). The top 3 are Marnox >(Templeshooter with necro)> Netherbovine > Gorkas. Netherbovine is slightly stronger (with a mini knockback) than Gorkas but the latter has a huge circular attack range and better riding skills.
    There’s also the option of Frosterlord if you will be perma-riding your summon (2 good skills, one with low cooldown) but its auto attack is only good against bosses or when there’s a falconer with aiming around.