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Returning Savior, confused a lot, plz help <3


Hi guys,
I’m a returning savior, last time played TOS the lv cap was 330 (rank 8) and a many things changed over the months, so I’m still confused with lots of things, do you mind helping me?

  1. I’ve got 8 chars lv330 and now I need to lv them,are lv330-350 Sausym Room and 350+ Spell Tome ok for grind/CM?
  2. Beyond running dg330, what else can I do farm some silver?
  3. What gear should am I looking for? Are they dropable or only from instance dgs?
  4. I’ve got one mage with sorc so I got the reset voucher, what do you think about lving it to 380 them resetting to a support build for instances ( as I don’t have any good gears right now) like Wiz2-Link3-Thauma3-Enchanter2 ?

Can you suggest/see any viable builds ( for late game content like solmiki/velcoff or farming or anything) for the following characters I’ve got?

  • Wiz - Cryo3 - Kino3 - Omny2 ( the one I’m playing right now)
  • Cleric 2 - Priest 3 - Chap - PD 2
  • Sword - Barb - Highlander3 - Doppel 3
  • Archer 2 - Ranger 2 - Roghe - SR3
  • Wiz - Cryo3 - Chrono3 -Sage
  • Wiz2 - Link3 - Sorc3 ( reset voucher here =) )
  • Wiz3 - Kino3 - WL2
  • Sword - Pelt2 - Rod3 - Shinobi - Murmillo

(as you can see I’ve got few pvp characters =x )

I know re:build is coming but I wanna try to lv them up , make some money and try, if possible, to farm any good late game gear.

That’s all, thanks <3


Yes, I kept going Sausy9 CM until 360 and then astral tower CM…

Thee usual, selling items on market, leaving shop character on… but running 330 3+ times a day depending if you got resets is super good…

I won’t recommend you the ultra best stuff, but CM Primus gear are relatively “easy” to get and you have chance of good stats with them…

Also participate on the events they give good stuff if lucky…

Only reset if it’s what you truly want, don’t change to something you don’t know if you will like…


This means you have access to the “returning savior pack”. Don’t forget to redeem it and visit the board in Klaipeda for even more goodies. This should give you a ton of EXP tomes to level faster.

Sausis CM with xp boosting items will carry you from 330 to 360 in no time. For after 360 you can pretty much use any high level map for CM (usually people choose their map depending on the mats mob drop for their newly raid-acquired high level item recipes).

New HG. I see people in my guild spend 99% of their time in Baubas Cave and become filthy rich… Careful though: you will need a well equipped farming build for that.

At high level… gear is simply looking for you! So much to choose from: Earth Tower (Solmiki), level 350 and 380 raids (Nobreer for level 350 uniques with fixed stats, Fantasy Library for high level accessories, Wastrel/Asio for level 380 uniques with fixed stats… and even more to come), Velcoffer Nest (legendary ultimate stuff)… or simply random mob drops of rare or unique level 350/380 items with random stats.

Pointless, since in a month your build will be thrown into the toilet. Unless you plan on making this a one-month main character exclusively for farming silver and play nothing but this character. In that case, there’s a good guide on the forums on how to change your build into a linker/thauma/featherfoot one for farming.

I’m not very familiar with your builds, so let me throw some random ideas here…

Very strange combo… Synergy here would cry for pyro/kino/onmyo, and IMHO any onmyo should be c3 at this point to benefit from the best skills (max water, yin-yang…). But playing onmyo without either Surespell or Quickcast will be a challenge (although you can use your cryo/kino combo to CC mobs before using the onmyo skills).

Don’t bother with the other characters. In a month you’ll have to rethink them completely, as not only synergies will have changed, but some classes won’t even be in the same tree!


  • level up your main
  • try to think ahead what you want in re-build and get gear accordingly (note: there’s a fishing event going on for a month that allows you to get free level 380 primuses – absolutely abuse this event to get some stuff for your alts)
  • optionally make a farmer build and get extra silver


Is Homecoming event active at the moment?


Isn’t that always active (for new and returning players)?


yes notice board always has that event and log reward


@draconis @DrRM thanks bros . I found my murm lv 330 with a free reset voucher. Any idea which swordman class is the easiest to level up i want to be max level before Rebuild releases. Thanks