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Returning player with missing Items

Returned to the game after months to check out the changes and updates only to find out my items went missing. From cosmetics, to armours, and to weapons, gone. What the hell happened! Those were crafted items, TP items bought from the TP shop, and items bought from the market items. Heck, even my Hanaming head-doll thinggy from the beta pass gift is gone. I spent money on TPs to buy those cosmetics.

Was it due the servers merge? Try to make the GMs in this thread and open an issue to the support

Check your retrieve tab in the market. It might be there.

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Yes, it was in the market retrieve tab. You saved me (and my precious hanaming head-doll) from a heart attack.

while you were gone a kidnapper with some weird fetish got all your characters naked and tried to sell their stuff on the market but failed to do so…

Joke aside, am happy you found your stuff :blush:

Thank so much dude. You saved me from sadness!

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