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Returning player who need help with class & rank system


I am a returning player and I am a bit confused about class & rank change.
Can someone briefly explain me the function?

Also, I noticed that Taoist rank has been changed to the Wizard class. Is there a possibility to change my current Cleric into Wizard by any chance? Or do I have to start all over again?

I love the game and I finally got some free time for it, I don’t want to seem rude at all! Just asking for quick tips and advice.

Thank you!

If you want a taoist you have to start as a wizard. But cleric classes have a lot of magic damage dealers if you are interested in! (Exorcist, druid, Plague Doctor, etc).

When you start you have to level up up to level 15 class, then you change to another class and from now on you change your class every 45 class level.

Like: You pick wizard. Hit 15 class. You change to Pyro. Hit 45 class level. Change to Elementalist. Hit 45. You change to Taoist. Hit 45 ------> Wizard (15) - Pyro (45) - Ele (45) - Tao (45 - last class and last class level).

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Hello Timothy!

Thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate it!

I want a Taoist for character, I already have an Exorcist character planned!
It’s okey to start over, I will learn what has changed since I left!

Thank you once again and I wish you a good day!

Ok! If you need anything I’ll try to help you out. :smiley:

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Thank you!

Just now I would love to have a little help. ^^

I just chose an Onmyoji class, was it a mistake? I can’t use the skills of onmyoji class at all…

Its a ok class.
You need paperdolls to use the skills, buy many at Onmy master NPC in middle left side of Klaipeda.

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Onmyoji has the highest AoE of all classes in the game if I’m not mistaken.
I use Sorcerer - Pyromancer - Onmyoji.
You can combo Onmyoji with pyromancer/elementalist/taoist/terramancer for more damage.
You can combine Onmyoji with cryomancer/psychokino for more control.
You can combo Onmyoji with warlock/shadowmancer for more dark combo since Yin-Yang attribute deals more damage to dark skills. But at the moment shadowmancer does not deal damage at all and warlock is not a good character for initiation.
Other classes combinations I would not recommend taking!

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Ah, thank you! I was a bit tired to notice the “consumes” tag, now I see my silly mistake, thank you!!

Yeah, that’s why I was scared that I picked the highest class too early but it seems to be acceptable now~

I was thinking to do Onmyoji > Taoist > Chronomancer combination but now thanks tp ypur advice I was thinking to switch the last one into Psychokino, control sounds like something I want for my character! Thank you for your valuable information and kindess! :sparkling_heart:

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