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Returning player trying to play the new server for new event bonus


I notice a lot of people writing about this, but is there any way for you to just delete my character in the old server I play with? I want to create a new character in the new server to play with my boyfriend, but at the rate this is going, there is no way for me to create one, since I had a past team in the original server? I also do not want to create a new account as that is pointless for me to do if i were to just want to try out the game again to go through the hassle of making a new account for just one game.

Please delete my team on the other server or at least grant returning players the pre-register bonus. This is kinda stupid.


That’s totally legit, it’s even worse for a friend of mine. He started playing just when the Re:Build came out, but the game so many problems at that time that he left right away. So he only has a Level 3 Team now and is going to be forced to create a new account, which absolutely sucks. They should at least allow you to delete your team if needed. Come on, that’s the least you could do @Administrator