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Returning Player - Thaum-Linker Farming Build

Hello Saviors,
Returning player here, used to play before re:build. Used to farm usind Wizard Thauma-Linker-Featherfoot.
After patch I looking for a Scout Linker-Thaumaturge build for farming. I Dislike Auto Attack builds.
Which one do you reccomend for easily finishing mobs using Link-Hang-Swell Body combo?
Personaly i liked the Outlaw kit for farming. Is it worth? Should i Main Dagger or Pistol? Medium Gear investment please, i do not own much money atm.
In advance, i want to thank you for the help! Have fun.

About the gears: don’t worry you can get them via HG, Raids, CMs while you level up your character. Once you have farmed enough silver and/or blessed shards you can buy better grade items. I don’t have much information about scout builds B U T since you are a new player you can look for some builds watching youtube videos or asking in-game.
Some channels are: NotMage, Gaming Hardcore, Bong ToS and SOL. Sorry for not helping you the way you needed it.

(BTW, you can farm using a wizard with featherfood combinations …)

Thank you for your feedback.
In fact i’m familair to Linker-Thauma farming system, due to Looting Chance Increase, and one hit K.o combo, so i’m looking for the Scout tree due to the replacements of the core classes.
By the way, i’m watching the videos you did recommend. Thnak you very much.

pajautas set from lv 360 pajauta quest

i’m a linkthaum farmer too, but since asio/wastrel raid, any high mats/primus/planium are map wide drop, so killing speed play vital role (SR, onmyo). Thaum win only when facing silver/golden mob.