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Returning Player Struggling With Gear Progression

Hi. As you read the title, I hope you can help me find myself a path to the 9999999 crit damaging.

I already played and dropped this game many times, after the gear grades (purple, orange) uptade I understood how it worked… Then legendary came and I got confused. I made a lot of research and found out about Ichors. How make them too. But what gears should I focus after I reach 380+? Silver is another struggle. I’ve been playing for about 2 weeks every day and I reached 15m and honestly for the game doesn’t seem much. I’m just farming to buy a good weapon in the future. Even if I buy such a weapon, still need armor. I see a lot of people going for plate. Is leather still viable or plate is pretty much the end game gear? I want you guys to be honest about this question.

And don’t even make me get started on the classes. I’ve been playing with my Wizard (Warlock/FF/RC) [alt] and Scout (SR/Enchanter/Corsair) [main so far (thinking going BM)]. Although I love the theme of both, I feel that SR might be the one I want. Not sure on that though.
Other characters:
Cleric - Monk/Chap/Inquisitor (Jump character) [possible main, but not sure about the class build]
Archer - Mergen/Falc (going for fletcher or ranger on the 3rd) [possible main (has moringponia bow and another good one in storage]
Sword - Doppel/BB (finishing with Barb) [alt]
Sword - Hakka (going for cata then barb) [it would be a main, but lack damage so: alt]

Anyway, I haven’t claimed the Savinose from the EP11 yet. Are the equipments shareable among the team storage? When I claim those and IF they are shareable, I want to choose a set to fit to multiple characters (since I don’t like to play on a single character for too long)

HP seems to be an struggle too. How can I reach higher HP? Mostly I can go for 40k~60k. I want to solo… But I don’t refuse going in parties at Unique dungeons.
My crit rate on the Scout seems good so far, but when I’m playing other characters things goes down quickly. How can I boost it? Both rate and attack rate.

What type of gear should I focus and which type is better atm? (Plate, Leather / 1 handed + sub or 2 handed + trinket)
What is considered a good enhancement/transcendence level and which to get first?
How can I farm Silver and Blessed Shards (or the best spots for one or other (both?))?
EP 11 Savinose equipment team shareable?
How can I get more HP over 60k?
How to get more crit rate ant crit attack rate?

Class related doubts I’m going to post a thread IF necessary. (I will welcome builds suggestion for farming and survival on endgame scenario)

The Episode 11 gear is indeed transferable via Team Storage. Since you want to share it between your characters, I would pick the Leather set since it has pretty good balanced defense and the offensive boost it provides via the mastery attribute is very good as well.

For ichors, I recommend the Moringponia set for the armors because they are very cheap to buy off the Market. It doesn’t matter which type it is as they all provide the CON you’ll want to have higher max HP.

  1. healer is the cheapest gear requirement (need def gear to survive) and will be needed in any end game content. Any DPS role need +16 weapon to be considered DPS. But full fledge healer will have hard time soloing content
  2. +11 T10 weapon and armor, go anvil to +11 first then transcend
  3. baubas cave using SR
  4. buy/make a random 430 ichor which contain crit stats

fastest legal way to become stronger is by buying gacha cosmetic (gumiho tails) and selling them to market to get rich and buy anything powerful in market

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Now I understand, thanks! I’ve checked my Archer again and I found a Savinose gear in his storage. bow, top leather and bottom leather. Everything +11 T8 from an event. Already has socket opened.

So anvil before trans, thanks a lot! I tought that I needed go for trans 5 first than anvil would be nice. The information also helps a lot, specially 3 and 4.

dont be a perfectionist, it will make the game unenjoyable. if i were you, i open socket->anvil->trans. Failed anvil/ichor/boruta seal sometime will make a perfectionist rage quit

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