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Returning player questionss

  1. Which is better, auto cm or regular cm?
  2. Auto CM area 2 can drop vaivora?
  3. I have 700m silver reserve, how can I use them well?

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  • both give same silver if ur DPS
  • regular CM has higher chance for VVR drop, auto CM low VVR drop
  • regular CM mostly finish in 8-10mins, auto CM finish in 2-3mins

i don’t think so.

either secure +16- +21 weapon
legend glacia armor, demon/goddess ichor
legend Accesories, or ARK

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really? Unless they have boosted the vaivora drop chances, I doubt that. I’ve gotten 2 vaivoras from auto CM, and 0 from regular CM, and I’ve done like 300 auto CMs and a few thousand CMs before the patch came, never gotten any vaivora from normal CM.

its just a matter of perspective. before i could never see 2-4 VVR announcements poping out in 1hour.

I’d say auto cm because they are so much faster. VVs drops depend entirely on the number of elite mobs, so yes field CMs have slightly higher chance to drop, but they are so much slower… not worth the time imo.

Yes, it can.

If you want/have the cash, you can go the Imc™ way and just p2w your basic gear to avoid spending those 700m

By the way, the current event we have going on gives decent starter weapon and armors, as well as 1 VV of your choice+1 random VV, though I’m not sure if you can get them all by starting the grind now.

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