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Returning player No Skin token?


Hello my friend and I returned to the game after 2 years and he had 2 special tokens to redeem for a special skin, meanwhile I didnt get any of those tokens, both had the same founder starter pack and didnt spend any money in the game. Whats going on? Why I dont have those tokens? I want the skin. Thank you


Hello @carlos110393

For us to further investigate your concern, kindly send us a support ticket and we will gladly assist you.


Hello francis how can i submit a ticket i press support nothing happen help i want the skin


what skin token? do you mean costume exchange voucher or something like that? :hey:

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A friend had one archer class but was changed to another one so he got a skin token or whatever for no reason and not me being a swordman, why?


old class costumes became costume exchange voucher

have several of this


But thats unfair, just because they played a class and then changed it they give a free skin that cost money¿?


my bad i didnt made it clear
it was TP bought or Market bought old class costumes.
either way people who got it didnt get it for free


ah yes there was a big update where a new scout class tree was added, so imc turned some of class exclusive costumes into costume vouchers so ppl could exchange them into another costumes (just in case those ppl changed class tree)

so, the reason your friend has it while you’re not, probably your friend had a costume (probably bought from market) that turned into voucher, while you didn’t. like aolgado1 said, basically they didn’t get the voucher for free