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Returning Player, need some tips

Hi guys, im a returning player, and have a level 322 swordsman, which i decided to build as:

Sword -> Doppel -> Barb -> Blossom Blader

I got actually no gear (all of it is like old trash stuff) and got 3k attribute points. My question is:

  1. Where should i put my atribute points first?
  2. What “budget” gear should i buy just to carry on the main quest and level up?

Also, my stats seems kind outdates for newer builds, but it seems like the only way to reset them is with some shop medals? Is there any other way? i really dont wanna have to create a new one for obvious reasons.


btw, currently at endgame the only way to get most material to craft endgame equipment are thru gambling gacha which held every world boss skia/moring dead.

to craft these

Brace yourself!

check ur Quest Menu, look for Episode 11 Quest. complete it and get +11 T10 lvl 400 legend savinose gear set. though they are considered weak now, but at least u can have sustainable gear at lvl 400 until you can replace them with something better.