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Returning player, need help with skills and items for Link - Thau - Bullet


Hi guys

I used to play the wizard class with link thau pyro and then went mia for 2 years
With re;Build, I’ve decided to come back but I’m kinda stuck rn with which skills to invest and max as well as which item builds I should go

could anyone provide me a skill build for Scout - Thau - Linker - Bullet maker as well as giving me tips on which items to get for my lvl 310 character?




Try this build:

I took Napalm for farming cause it has relatively low CD that goes along with JP-Swell’s CD. Most BM farmer probably use BO cause it makes you stay invincible, but thr CD is longer and there will be time your JP-Swell is ready but BO is not. The AoE damage is also nice. It can easily kill linked & swollen enemies in Baubas just using Primus 380 pistol, unenhanced.

For item you’ll want to use any Primus you can use at your level. Just use any strong pistol you get. Endgame probably Solmiki Pistol or Velcoffer Pistol with Asio Ichor.


for semi dps/faramer thats a good build but for FARMER only i think this build is better


new 390 HG need your farmer to have solo bossing capability too, so be prepared


Sorry but this build is awful for a few reasons.

Silver Bullet 5 is almost mandatory and even if just a farmer it’s still good for the extra damage against demon/dark. RIP isn’t helping you much, and having 0 tracer is a bad idea, as you can use tracer before JP to make sure you don’t miss. It even shares a similar CD so you can’t mess it up.

The build linked before by RiphToS also is lacking slightly in that you honestly don’t need Tase, it won’t help electric shock too much, and 1 RIP is almost worthless. Also not Reversi honestly isn’t needed.

If you’re absolutely not going autos you could drop points in DGS or even outrage, though I wouldn’t recommend it as combined with lvl 1 freeze it helps ensure little HP usage between packs if there’s one alive. Not as needed though.


I put 1 R.I.P. because it triggers Asio Pistol effect easiest, for a packed mobs it dishes quite nice of damage even in Ignas Raid.

Well my build is for general use thar can easily farm, since for farming what you really need is only JP, HK, Swell, and BO/Napalm, done. Building a “pure” farmer seems a waste of character slot IMO.


excuse me but where do i get those primus itens? and so i make a progression of my equipaments of primus>solmik>velcoffer? or something like that


emm is a FARMING build you know? what are you farming? i mean i can one shot every mob in HG no need silver bullet no need tase wtf? is a FARMING build not a dps build i mean it is not thinking on the new HG is thinking in the HG atm do you actually need more than one skill to kill the linked mobs? mmmm then thats not really an efficient farming build sorry


You don’t need anything more for farming and putting those few extra into napalm are going to give you minimal returns. This will help you get places or do minimal things outside of that that can be helpful like saalus/etc.

You can totally pigeonhole your character but the benefit you get in doing so is almost 0 for how much you give up dropping tracer/etc. Absolutely don’t drop 1 in tracer though, the accuracy for JP (And the crit in general )is awesome.


no i mean is a farming build if you want to do that go for a semi dps build not a farming one don’t mistakes the types plz


Absolutely, but what I mean is that what you need for a farming build you will get in the other build. You will gain no benefit in going 100% farming, whereas the utility might not show itself directly in farming but will allow you to do other things. You’re not sacrificing anything.

You’re also leaving out important things even for farming, tracer bullet is important before JP/HK/Swell to ensure the JP lands. If you’re farming any kind of devil/demon mob silver bullet will help a lot using in combo with BO or Napalm to kill. This will get you more mileage than RIP depending on where your intentions are. If you wanted to be strict about the farming with linking/swell you’d drop RIP (and/or outrage) and take 1(or more) tracer and 5 silver.

1 point into tracer will get you more mileage than 1 point in napalm even if it’s your main clearing skill comboed with JP because if you’re not at 100% accuracy on the mob it will usually jump you at least a good 4-8% accuracy (Using altarget constantly I check this) which ensures no missed JP which ensures… now wasted 20 seconds.

If you’re going 100% pure farming you’d also drop that 1 shrink body for 15 quicken tbqh

Leaving you with something closer to this

Almost all of those skills are preference though and there’s really just a core which is:
Silver Bullet is seriously a lot more important than you thnik if you’re in the higher level demon/dark areas as it allows you to handle things with a lot less investment. Tracer similarly means you need less accuracy.

Yours is fine, it just lacks some things that will help even in farming, quite a bit.


dude you don’t know how farming works? i mean link them swell them and bo or napalm to kill them using only one skill tracer for not missing? wtf? i have never miss in hg not any pve monster critical rate is not needed you have link lol and silver bullet to kill demons? link and you can one shot them be demon or not … it is not velco or dps build is FARMING BUILD dude …
Ok here is a video btw the video is not mine and he don’t use any damage buff and btw bm is a better famer you know that right? i mean thats is a farmer thats how it works and he can farm a lot using really cheap weapons xD


keep in mind new 380 hunting ground has a lot of demons in it

if you only want to use this char for farming go ahead and dont skill silver bullet, such a waste tho


has i say is a farming build ask any dedicate farmer if they have semi dps build… yeah but hey i m not stoping anyone if you want to do a semi dps build go ahead i m only pointing in why this is a farming build


you entirely missed the point, but thats fine


yeah i gess i missed it, i mean a farmer don’t need the skill so i may be confused with what you say sorry


Joint Penalty can miss. There’s new areas coming out too, missing less is helpful.

Regardless of farming or dps, if you go to baubas cave you might not have 100% accuracy, in which case tracer bullet may help put you at 100% accuracy or near enough to miss less on your JP. If JP misses you spend 20 seconds useless, clicking one more time something that’s almost instant is worth it for this.


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Tracer Bullet is a must have for any BM build, but not necessarily needed in Baubas. I never had issue with JP miss all the time I farm there. Too hassle to use everytime it is on cooldown for nothing significat.