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Returning player need class tier list

So guys, any tier list for aoe focus class ?


Wizard - Pyromancer - Elementalist - Taoist > everything else

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We could answer you properly if you were to limit the options, like specific class or certain class tree.
That Korean tier list is subjective. It helps, but does not solve all problems.

Well, I’m looking for solo plays, not trying hard you know, only got a few hours on weekend to play, I’m looking for chill aoe class that don’t need all bis equip +999999 to do well, just don’t want to be lackbuster also,

As said above, pyro-ele-tao. This is one of my alt and storming ep12 content with savinose ep11 equipment.

Thx draconis, there is any updates skill build and stats build for it?

Build is pretty straightforward, you will find it somewhere on this forum (just use “pyro ele tao” on the search function). For stats, doesn’t matter much, INT and any amount of CON you see fit (up to 164 points).