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Returning player looking for advice and guidance

Hi everyone, long time without posting here. I left around the end of 2019 and I want to give this game another shot. I’m kinda sad after looking at the current pop, but that’s an topic for another day. Anyway, I peak here and there and it looks like the game has changed a lot since I left so I was wondering if someone could answer some questions please:

  • I have a couple of characters on the 420’ish and average gear for that time, what would be the best way to kinda get into the new stuff? At that time the best way to get silver was through cm, but based on what I’ve read, it seems is not worth it anymore?

  • My main was an assasin-rouge-corsair, is that build decent for the current content? I’m not aiming to play the most meta builds, but something that can perform decently enough without heavy investment.

  • I’ve also heard equipment is character locked? I remember back then you could easily transfer stuff if you were a token user.

  • Something about silver being nerf? And somehow you can get instantly a 450 char? Is that worth it?

  • If I ever invest on tp, what would by the best way to spend it?

  • I would greatly appreciate if someone from the SA could tell me how that server is doing (if still exists idk), is the economy somewhat decent? can you find parties?

Thank you

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Now it’s easy to swap class/gear if you change build

Most gear is character bound after equip, but you can unbind it with monthly events to change tree. Or use other types of freely available items to swap parts if you change class

You get 1 boost when you log in as attendance reward in a green box, and another 460 boost in a short quest. You can now make endless level 450 characters. Cap is 470 (480 soon in korea).

Mercenary Badge Pass (3 months) is the highest value:tp item in the endgame. Pretty cheap and high value.

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All you have to see : [Tree of Savior] IMC games makes me become like this (server : Deadimian) - YouTube

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