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Returning player, linker question

Hey, I haven’t played since Re:Build was launched, among other reasons because my character could no longer be linker. Thats what I’d like to ask about.

I LOVE linker, but I also prefer spellcasting over physical attacks. Sadly this seems no longer an option, so I was thinking of a full support linker.

Was wondering if a non-healer full support is viable on end-game parties/raids. Never reached this far so not sure if there’s a slot for a “second” support besides healer, or how groups are usually built.

Was thinking Linker - Enchanter (full active skills, no shop) - Thauma…not sure if any good.

Thanks for any tips.

Linker > Enchanter > Bullet Marker! But I suggest you to take Bullet Marker first (for damage) followed by Linker (easier level grinding) before going Enchanter (buffs). You’ll be level 420 within a week!

p.s. Not full support but this is good for both PvE and PvP.

This isn’t viable anymore. The only builds that can by doing no damage are healer builds, and even then, they contribute a lot of damage buffs to the party. Classes like Enchanter, Corsair, and Thaumaturge have buffs but they still need to deal damage. The buffs they have aren’t enough to deal zero damage.

Thanks for answers. I’ll just drop linker since i’m not much into scout damage dealers.