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Returning Player Issue

I have grown to miss ToS and am very happy to return to continue building my Shinobi, Corsair, Barb. I finally get it installed and come to find my equipment has been stripped upon logging in. I did send a help ticket under support… but, since then I had navigated to find my equips. However, being that Corsair and Shinobi both have moved to the Ranger side… How can I reset my job completely but keep my levels so that I can begin picking up the pieces of my once well built and hard worked on character? Shinobi unlocking was a doozy, I now have no access to Corsairs dual wielding abilities, and just had got to a point where I wanted to be in-game that I could say to myself “this looks good to come back to with more updates.” Unfortunately, my class progression is non existent. I was given an item to boost my class picking options… but, my classes I had before are not on the skill tree… So, did I just waste that item? Just want to stop playing for now until I can get some valid direction. Thanks for any help provided.

its in market tab

not ranger.scout

you dont need to reunlock if you already unlock it. there will be free unlock scroll in your market tab if its not unlocked.

also if your last time playing is before rebuild, there will be npc at west of klaipeda that offer you base tree class change. idk if this feature still exist but it should be. and you can change from swordie to scout.

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also take note if this NPC still exists, you can do it only TWO times per old characters , ONCE to change your Class Tree , and ONCE to revert you back to your original Class Tree if you change your mind. after that its gone.

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And it will be gone after 30 days following your first connection back to the game. So don’t delay…