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Returning player is shinobi good?

Hey I just came back into when I heard there was an event to get class vendor. Originally I was going to get it for my swordman to get nak muay but I end up buying it at the market. So I end up using to get shinobi for my scout that is a bullet maker and I was wonder if its good to just have or I might find myself unable to use it.

Right now I find it a bit… lacking. And it doesn’t have much synergy with anything. I didn’t max it yet, tho (sheriff>corsair>shinobi)

Shinobi is fine. It might not excel as much as other scout classes, but its not bad. It is mostly a burst class with long cooldowns and is best picked with classes with more sustained damage.

Clones A.I. fairly broken

its still the class you get for the costume

Clones are mostly fine. You use them then you use your abilities to burst then you mijin them. Letting them AA doesnt even do much damage.

good? yes.
better than overall? no.

I want to do a Assa/Shinobi/Corsair build could it work for pvp/Bossing?

For PvP ? no, for bossing ? yes, but it won’t compete with viable / meta options :tired:

Shinobi+Assassin+Linker here.

Got 1st place DPS last night on Crow raid, paired with equally geared Cannoneer, greatsword Swordie and a Cryokino.

It’s totally viable for bossing if your clones don’t insta die and you can pull your combos without being knocked-back. There are some builds which do slightly more damage, but they ain’t got the swag :smiley:

Expect to be rejected on parties though, as people who doesn’t know how to play the class/build around it have yielded Shinobi a terrible reputation.

PvP wise, probably only good if you can pull a combo such as Behead+Backstab+Bunshin+Raiton. But, unless you truly need such a burst to kill targets (or you enjoy the class a lot), I’d rather go something else.