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Returning player - Fencer

So I’m returning from a 2 to 3 year break from this game and there has been ALOT of changes. I’m just looking for some help regarding my planned build which is Doppel-Barb-Fencer.

So how much am I losing by going this route? I’m mainly getting Doppel and Barb for the buffs and the AOE, main damaging skills would be the Fencer skills. I know Matador should complement Fencer but I don’t like the overall design of Matador.

Sorry if this looks and sounds dumb but I’m trying to experiment by doing a peculiar route. Has the game been more forgiving with experimental builds since then?

Side question: did Punish lose its aoe upgrade? Or is it the ARTS?

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Have you gotten your EP11 freebies yet? I think you’ll understand once you do.

You can only play around a little right now because they jacked up EP12 difficulty, but at the same time made it easy again with the freebies.

So right now, to actually play the game with the slightest bit of efficiency, your characters needs at least those or similar. I noticed no one cares about building Primus or anything non-legend gear anymore. Everyone rushes to Legend gear right away, because the freebie gear is also Legend tier.

So now, back to your problem. If you don’t mind farming about 600m-900m to get both fencer and doppel weapons, I suppose you can say the build is okay, I don’t like Matador too but I haven’t gotten back to my fencer yet because of this weapon problem. Doppel by itself is pretty strong though but is completely different before and after re:build.

And regarding punish, I didn’t test it or put a point in it yet, SFR on it looks pretty low

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