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Returning player, don't be harsh :c


Hi, I’m a returning player from 2017 I saw that new interesting changes are coming (the Re build stuffs that I still don’t understand 100%), But I see that also many other progress have been made: all the guides for the equip and the builds.
Since I would like to restart playing with my archer (he is level 115, I know it’s low but I liked exploring a lot, and i have other char) should I still follow quests or I have to do just dungeons until a certain level, at which point should i worry about my equip? (sorry if I sound dumb, but i never reached end game)
Thanks in advance.


If you like exploration as much as I do I recommend doing all main quests and most side quests :smiley:


The most significant addition to the leveling process is actually challenge modes. Also, dungeons are more condensed. Very few people queue for dungeons before 270 (and 270/300 dungeon are slow queues).

Challenge modes are party content, but shouting for a party elicits quick results, and portal shops allow you to get to these locations very quickly. You can do one challenge mode per day per character, but resets exist.

My recommendation is as follows:

  1. Do yellow (story) quests only–particularly for the legendary card slot unlock. You should already have a quest for this.
  2. If you aren’t high enough level for the next one, grind Demon Prison 2 until level 202 between yellow quests. There should be 3 chains available to you in this level range (Mage Tower, Main Chamber, Demon Prison itself), so bounce back and forth between these, use the grinding in DP2 to fill the gaps. You can find a portal shop to DP2 in town usually, look for Aqueduct Bridge District.
  3. At 202, you’ll begin doing CMs. 202 is the lowest level that you can do Cranto Coast–you should also have a new yellow quest chain to do Sentry Bailey, but I’d highly recommend starting it at a bit of a higher level (220-230ish).
  4. Your new filler grind will be any map that’s 30 levels above your current level. TOSBase is still good to look at map levels, or hit N in game and you can see ones in your range. Some good ones here are Alemeth and Elgos Abbey.
  5. The next CM area is Kalejimas’ Visiting Room (portal shop to Steel Heights), which is also conveniently where your next yellow quest chain is. This is 230s-260s. For grinding filler, find some 280ish maps (Inner Wall 8 and Nheto are pretty good).
  6. At 262, it’s time for Timerys. You want to do CMs here and also grind here, great map. This should actually bring you all the way up to 300.
  7. At 300, it’s time for the 300 dungeon.
  8. At 305, it’s time for CMs in Sausys. You can also grind here until 350, and this ought to be the next yellow chain you need (did I miss one? I might have).
  9. At 330, you have access to the last normal dungeon, so queues are fast. You’ll also want to head over to Mishekan Forest and knock out those quests at 317. Then talk to every NPC on the map to get both dialogue options, then talk to the main guy again (I forget his name), he actually sends you to Klaipeda, then back, and you get practonium for free.
  10. Continue doing CMs. At 352 you can begin doing Astral CMs and you can also begin the rank 10 quest chains.
  11. The lowest level quest chain at rank 10 is Barynwell 85. You want to do every single rank 10 quest chain, as every single quest grants a base amount of exp, and also lots of silver. So do Barynwell all the way through the end of Astral (check map levels, you may not get enough exp for the next map’s quest level), Baltinel Memorial at 361 (you get more pract from this chain, at the cost of dealing with a bunch of neurotic kupoles), and Starry Town at 371.

edit: some other key things about CMs:

  • Always repair before you go, grab pardoner shop buffs
  • Always have your own HP/SP potions, even if you have a healer, they can be chaotic
  • If your party does a CM against a wall or in a corner, try to stay as tight against that corner/wall as possible–this keeps mobs condensed and makes for a faster run
  • Utilize weapon buff shops, and upgrade your weapon to +6. Always try to use a weapon that’s as close to your level as possible, even if the stats aren’t as good. It’s all about the weapon damage.

The un-ID’d gear you get is great to use, but only ID pieces you might need. Turn the rest into powder and save that for end game gear. Favor plate when leveling, most of the damage you take will be physical. Don’t invest too heavily into gear until 350/380.

Try to knock out Saalus once you hit 240, every day if you can. Join groups from shout chat. Kill every elite you see–those drop blessed shards too.

BANK ALL SHARDS/GEMS/SILVER YOU AREN’T USING IMMEDIATELY. I forget to warn newbies of this all the time, you can still drop these on some maps/dungeons if you die.


thankyou so much for the answers u were so helpful!
but what’s the ID gear? and also do you know when RE build will hit our servers too?


Unidentified equipment are equipment that need to be Identified (ID) they are super common on dungeons and Challenge Mode (CM)…

you wont miss them trust me the stick out xD

To use this items you need to identify them first with an Appriser shop (ligh colored player shops with a magnifier icon) or the Master npc (in Fedimian) once you identify the equipment it gets a random stat bonus/es…

if you get a better stat gear you can go to the Blacksmith and choose to dismantle the unwanted gear :slight_smile:


Month maybe? We’re usually 1-2 months behind ktos.


Ok, thankyou both for all the answers! I think I won’t wait till Re build will hit our servers i’ll try different builds now, since I saw that you can reset rank and stats. Thankyou again!


No date for the rebuild yet but based on the patch notes and updates its more like in January.