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Returning Player (Did not receive Homecoming Event)


Hi guys,
I’m a returning savior, last time played ToS the lv cap was 330 (rank 8) and a many things changed over the months, so I’m still confused with lots of things, do you mind helping me?

Last time i login in the game is in late November 2018 after a long break in the game, since i decided to install ToS and check out the game and immediately log out after i check my team lodge didn’t bother entering in my character.

Then this mid December 2018 i saw a homecoming event going on in the website and decided to make a comeback in the game hoping to avail the limited on going event but it saddened me when i saw that i didn’t received any new message in my mail indicating to the event. is there any way to participate on the homecoming event? please help! :frowning:


is possible you under cut it by a day or 2, you had to stay log out for at least 31 days and go to event notice board to collect event thingy…


Thank you for the reply. If i recall correctly i re-install the game around November 20’ish and lasted like 3-5 mins in the lobby and logout afterwards in the game then i saw the event December 18, since busy in work and waiting for my new joystick to be delivered I waited till holiday to play the game.


event has been around for a long time now am sad you didn’t saw it on your first return…

I forgot to take mine too when I took a break last year :relieved: it happens…


if thats the case then im gonna take a break again, till i see a homecoming event again :sweat: