Returning Player, couple of problems



Im coming back to ToS since dropping it a couple weeks after launch due to all the bugs and etc. Nevertheless, i am excited to play again with a lot of good changes comming from Re:Build. After playing for a couple of days I came across 2 things that are bugging me.

1- My old character does not exist anymore (I didnt delete it) and, I think due to that, I have trade and market restrictions till 19/03/2019. I mean, I still have the mail with the used founder packs, so how the hell can I be a new user and restricted from market and trading? Is there any solution to this?

2- Ive been getting the attached message everytime I log in, that there are stuff to be collected in the market retrieve tab, but when I go there its empty. Not sure if this is due to the restriction or not.

Link to image

Ill appreciate any kind of help regarding the matter.

Thanks in advance!