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Returning Player Class Guide

So, I’m a returning player and it’s been 3 years since I last played. Can anyone suggest an updated class and skill build guide that includes the new classes and special classes?

Thanks in advance!

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As a returning player, the first thing you’ll be struck with is the hard reality. For long people asked for a “master class” system, and well… this has been implemented, but not in the way you would think of. Recently, IMC released one “master” class for each of the base classes: Winged Hussar for swordsman, Illusionist of wizard, Pontifex for cleric, Godeye for archer and Desperado for scout. The catch is… you need an unlock voucher for these classes, and the voucher can only be obtained via Leticia cubes. Yes, you have to pay for these classes. Of course, the vouchers are marketable… so in theory you can buy the class via silver, and depending on the server on which you play it can range from cheap to really expensive. It’s possible to have a build without one of these classes (and you can still find videos of people performing well in endgame content without one), but they surely help a lot improving your damage output.

The second thing you’ll find out is that they added a permanent “sprint through the game” event called “popo boost” that allows you to start a character and automatically get a fully equipped level 490 character ready for the endgame bypassing everything up to the last two chapters of the story. Returning after three years you probably got old characters with outdated (and probably obsolete) equipment that would be a pain in the ass to level up the old way since reaching the endgame the old way requires now invaluable materials that would take forever to farm… so restarting a new “popo boosted” character is more than recommended.

For skill build guide, I don’t know of any up to date. Best is probably to connect to the ToS Discord server and ask there, this forum is more or less dead. Most popular builds can still be found at the usual place: Tree of Savior
(the “undefined” entries correspond to the new p2w classes

hi, I do not have an answer, I just came back to the forums out of curiosity.

I haven’t played in years, and I do not intend to, the game has just too many problems, and the powercreep is not even fixable at this point

But that’s not Why I 'm typing this, I just found something else that bothered me

It’s you draconis

I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but I once was just like you, searching under the debrie for specs of hope, and maybe other players doing the same, but my efforts and the efforts of those around me weren’t enough, and at the time we were much much more, trying way harder

I just saw you replying to this person, and your answer is a real answer, and it comes with a complaint to the game, which is totally understandable, but I got worried, I just checked steam charts for this game and saw that around 250 players are online, I bet most of them are not even playing, they are just loged in,

but the reason I got worried about you draconis is that, you are the only person posting and replying on the forums, the other one is the IMC account, It feels like you are the last man standing on a ghost town, desperately trying to get people together to fix the problems around, but they are all ghost, Maybe, jkust maybe, it’s time to move to another town, the ship is not sinking, it’s already well underwater, and I’m telling this to you, because I can see activity from you, you are still motivated, but you are the only one trying, everyone else gave up already, you are sisifus pushing the stone uphill forever, but you don’t have to, you can choose to do something else, I did, no one will be mad at you, even sader, no one will even notice, because this is a ghost town, and ghost aren’t real

If you are having fun, good for you, enjoy it while it’s good, but when people start complaining in the forums of a dead game, that’s the sign you might not be having fun anymore, or maybe you are scraping the last remnants of fun left.

I left long time ago, and just came back to check the ruins, just to remember when it was good for me, and it was, but the right thing to do is to enjoy it while it last, and stop when it last no longer

I’m not trying to convince you to leave, I just hope that you look around and found the answer to this question:

“I’m I still enjoying this?”

bye draconis, I will leave now, I hope you find fun times, and have the mental capacity to take action and do what you must when the time comes to journey somewhere else