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Returning player and reset helper

why they don’t add permanent reset helper or available after player log in instead of
many build/char are broken with each change, and yet, those returning player can’t reset unlike active player who play during reset helper available


You can play but the problem is that you need class change points. People who decide to stop for a few months get a free lv 4 class change voucher on log in, but that is a band aid for only a single character, and since weapons can be readily exchanged now, I don’t see the reason why sub characters should suffer being subs forever if you can exchange the weapon to switch over to another main character if you don’t like your old one anymore.

IMC should provide a complete reset package (arts/attributes/common attributes/weapon exchange voucher/accessory exchange voucher) for accounts that haven’t been active within the last month on every big patch so returning players can switch their main character as they like if they consider coming back, just exchanging the weapon doesn’t do anything considering the huge investments you have to make into a single character (and the fitting common attributes).

these 2 skill reset can’t even put to team storage
it’s on character that don’t need to fix
what’s so useless

why u need be put on team storage? all ur characters get free reset from NPC.

i dont see any npc
after i returned, npc gone
only got few from episode/quest