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Returning new player question

I havent been playing TOS for 2 years or more, i join back the game recently and deleted my previous character.

So my question is i just need to follow the main quest line till the end which im doing it but if i following only the main quest will i hit max lv ? (500lv) ?

Any tips for returning player? I saw so many npc which was familiar previously but now they have so many option lol

So you’re starting from scratch? Then try to find a good guide, there are some that are not that outdated on this forum or you can join the Discord server and get good info there. Currently, there is an event called “popo boost” that could help you getting a high level character quickly. Basically what you do is:

  • start a new character
  • click on the “popo boost” icon to the right
  • your character will be instantly made level 480 and teleported in Orsha next to Inesa Hamondale to start episode 14-1 quest with all main quest up to episode 13 automatically cleared (except a few side missions and bugged subquests)
  • you will get a popo boost box with +10 level 480 equipment and some accessories to fill most of equipment slots
  • a list of missions and gear score milestones will appear and each time you complete a task or reach a milestone you will get more rewards

This event is great, but is a double edged sword since you will probably not understand half of the stuff about it. Plus it doesn’t provide the mats (blessed shards) to upgrade the equipment it feeds you, leaving players confused about how to progress with that equipment. What this means is that the event is mostly targeted for players who already have a main character and enough mats to start equiping an alt. However the early rewards will benefit your whole team and you should not skip them. So my advice is to use the event to make a character, claim whatever the game throws at you which you can either register in the equipment manager or put in team storage and then start your main and play normally. With the main character, you will simply follow the main quest from episode 1, claiming every episode reward, and progress linearly till the end when you can use the stuff you got from the event.

Whatever path you take, it will be hard to complete the final chapter, as mobs hit like trucks and have so many hps it will take forever to kill them with a “fresh” high level character. As the messages that will pop up will say, you probably need to organize a party to kill stuff in the higher maps. Unfortunately the last quests are bugged in party mode and have to be done solo, which is a big hindrance for new players.


thanks for the reply, i didnt join the popo event but i do the running bymyself which i understand most of the story

It’s fine to play the game “as intended”. You get Guardian equipment that can be upgraded “on the fly” as you progress through the main story and episode rewards (exp cards, accessories, attribute points…) and you pretty much need nothing more until you reach episode 14. The main story provides enough experience to reach level 460-480 where you can put to use the latest equipment from episode rewards. The popo boost event is a recurring event and even if you don’t join the current one you will be able to join the next one once your character is high level.

the best advice no one will give you is, play some other game, this game was amazing 2 years ago, now is a shadow of its former self…

The current problem is having critical bugs that prevent playing properly. When you have a build with single target skills and half of them just won’t work and piss “Invalid target” error messages along with basic attack just doing nothing it feels really embarrassing for a game like this. Players will play ten minutes and just uninstall…

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