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Returning lv. 390 with badly outdated gear - what's the best cleric build to level up and do quests solo, while still able to participate in pre-endgame group content?

I’m thinking something with PD or Druid for the movespeed boost to complete quests faster.

I’ll then reset the build into a full support Priest Diev Paladin for endgame content. Is this a good support build that doesn’t hurt the bank? TIA

For quest rush, you can go with zealot - pd - diev. It will be super easy and fast with decent kedoran boxes from the vvr npc.

For starting end game contents, going for priest - kabba - diev/dru is easier if you are still grinding for varna and ichors in cm/ds3/dcp and etc.

Typical (meta) healers will be priest-ora-diev. (cd reduction, dmg buff, skill +1). You can switch to ora when you are decently geared (good ichors and compassion set).

Pala is used as a tanky supp , usually used in WW raids contents (pala-kabba-pardo). You still have to have another healer, possibly the ora diev as main healer. Some used in ds as well.

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Diev Oracle Priest is the best meta healer for end game content. You might get mixed up with other cleric variants if you try something else.

Oracle for prophecy mostly because DSCM statuses (purple elite poop) can get dumb with the wrong timings.

This will hurt your bank a bit unfortunately because healer gear became a bit more expensive after rebuild. (still a lot less than dps)

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Thanks for that! :bowing_man:‍♂ I’m surprised to see Pardoner in a non-shop build, and a meta one at that. Can you tell me a bit about why its better than another?

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Thanks! Glad to see a familiar name here after being away for awhile. Are healers more in-demand than support tanks? In other words, is it still like months/years ago where everyone can tank as long as you have a good healer?

it’s a sub healer, provide debuff rather than survivor.

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healer sometimes can get silence, stun or lag, so dont depend on them too. much

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Specifically in ww raids, glacia will deal magic dmg and pardo can smooths the dmg out + shop buffs + cloth buff as well. So your party wont have to worry about it and just focus gimmicks and deal dmg. But it will take time for beginners to reach that very end game as you will have to grind thaw ichors and legenda glacia equips after you perfect your varna equips! So dont worry about it much. It comes after.

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Tanks aren’t really needed, by tanks i mean tanks that are tank build.

There are tank ichors that can go on dps swordsman builds(for provoke attribute) for example and perform better even with the latest WWR hard raid.

Healers are very in demand because of the latest raid’s freeze gimmick.

Pardoner is used mostly for Discerning evil and magic def.

Also I came back to this mess right around quarantine, glad to see you back too. Feel free to message me in-game if you got questions.

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Thank you. I’ll try to approach the game differently this time.