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Returned player: is it possible to buy premium tokens for silvernow?

Hi there. I am returned player, played somewhen around 2018. The thing is I am a foreigner based in Hong Kong. ToS is unavailable there, thanks God I got it on Steam before relocated. The thing is, i am unable to buy premium packs due to the “country restriction”. Before i was just used to buy it on auction, now i do not see it on auc at all, like no one sells ot or what. Is it still possible to buy premium tokens for silver somewhow?

Many thanks in advance.

Depends on your server, but it has been harder and harder to get any from the market since loot boxes don’t give random tokens anymore so people can’t sell their extras – you will need to have players that buy tokens from TP and sell them on market for that, which isn’t really that profitable anymore. I used to buy them every month, but I think I got only one this whole year.

If you don’t mind playing every other month, you could simply play with the three 7-days tokens you get from the returning package, make a pause and come back for the next returning package.

when you login after long hiatus you will rewarded with iirc 2 7 days token that you can get by keep login for several days
also token is not that necessary unless you do active selling with huge tax
the primary use of token is for market trader to dodge high tax of market but you will need to gain more now that token price soar so if you arent making silver with it equal or more than the token cost, you basically just wasting silver
the extra benefit it offer currently also doesnt justify the silver price it cost in any server due to lack of p2w who stock it, or simply just due to lack of players
its basically a neglected feature and just there to help between p2w and f2p trade marketable only item with lesser amount of tax and thats it
the storage feature is indeed nice and handy, but you can always make us of another character as storage of tradable items. you can also hoard silver in each char or better just focus on silver farming and selling in 1 char only

You get an attendance reward list for a month with 7-days token on days 7, 14 and 21.

The most useful feature of token is team storage (that is if you got a bunch of characters). Not being able to pool your resources is a huge hindrance when you play. Basic storage was fine in the beginning when you didn’t have to keep many mats for equipment upgrade, but now it’s a nightmare even more when you get ten different types for the same item (tradable, untradable, event x, achievement, event y which is literally the same as event x but is different for whatever reason) that take ten slots in your storage because you can’t stack them.

it is possible but its worthless if you just use it not for productive purpose like actively making silver with all the bonus especially market tax reduction.

level boost is crap now with all other free boost, x32 exp, and leveling is so easy and even free jump. All the misc boost are trivial as well even the mercenary badge limit boost. The sole purpose for token especially veteran is indeed to perform trade of marketable only item to prevent higher amount of tax, whether healthy trade or usually funneling.

if as an f2p your purpose of activating premium token is just to use the storage or transfering silver between character without even making enough silver to cope for your monthly need of token for team storage need, you just basically wasting silver as token price is crazy mad high, even in the most busiest server, even when the game nerfed silver income.

For comparison, pre silver income nerf like a year ago you can get token for price of 15m+ than with the introduction of silver mining content like division singularity it rose to 30m+ and even more. Now with all the silver nerfs the price are even higher than the price pre silver nerf lmao.

tbh with points/coin system, items bound to team/character, unnecessity of switching gears between character that isnt as intense as it was, equipment management system, farmable resource tradable to points/coins, and very light weight resource items, you can survive with personal storage and basic team storage with all the extra slots you can gain for free.

if storage is problem for you, you just have very bad inventory/storage management or just freaking craps hoarder. this is such common case even with veterans where they hoards old item they wont ever use again but they just keep it for personal collection which waste storage slots.

most ticket items are lightweight or even 0 weight so you can carry as much as you want, heavier item like potions means you just need to carry as much as you need, and super heavy resource due to its huge amount are the one belong to storage. with character slot giveaway, you can create a character with a sole purpose of hoarding item, in which my case usually a squire or just personal shop cause they wont jam for some adventure but really just stick to town.

if as an f2p or even p2w you just use premium token to fulfill your need of storage, with the game situation nowadays, you just wasting silver/money.

token was a way for tos to introduce subscription feature yet it is failed and its development discontinued
because they have very bad items management/monitoring even p2w items
they didnt maintain it with everything new came to the game as many of updates/features makes token benefits become obsolete
the fact that they didnt care of this subscription method item is because they dont see hope over this item to help them support the game life as the major support of game life is cute costumes

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