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Return player here. need more info

Return player. Been stopped playing before whole classes rework(or something?)

Just back to the game and i got a lot questions
But i will ask in brief questions…

What is best archer aoe build now?
I was used to played as Archer > Ritter

What is best aoe for wizard?
My wizard was Pyro > Ele

What is best dps/sup for cleric?
My cleric was Diev > Plague

What does CM Flag mean in party annoucement?
I kinda figured CM out… Map name(maybe?) But what is Flag?

Anything with appraiser(will change after next major patch), most popular build is: Ranger-Appraiser-Mergen

Pyro-Ele-Tao, There’s a lot more like Onmyo variants, too.

Support: Oracle-Priest-Diev, DPS: A mix between Exorcist, Crusader, Miko, PD

Flag is a short term for a support class combination in the scout tree, Thauma-Enchanter-Corsair. Main role is to plant flag for bonus damage/crit chance/crit damage and swell monsters for more nucles and silver.

Thank you for the info. Although i still find it hard to build character to be as decent as i was… Some of gears now wasted because whole machanic class changed

Do you know which map people are leveling now despite lv400+ party. My character lv is 335(lv330 was a max at that time) no idea what maps for the same level

Just do quests around that level, I think you should be somewhere around sausys or neighboring maps

Just forget about all the gear you had before and forget about grinding in the open world, it’s pointless now.

Just finish the main quest. When you finish episode 11 you get Savinose Legva Legend gear as episode clear reward. You start gearing up from there. Before clearing episode 11 you can talk to the Vaivora NPC in town and ask for Kedoran gear to a full set of free gear for your current level.

You don’t do that anymore. Finish main quest and you are level 400+. Then get a party or do instanced solo content if you don’t want to party.

Thanks a lot. Didn’t know that there is a free equipments… Hope it has decent weapon included. For others, i still have solmiki set just need better weapon