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Retiarius viable for more classes

Would be neat if Pull Rete and Throw rete would increase dmg for Pierce attacks instead of just one hand spears. To make em more viable for more classes like Fencer’s for example. Not sure if this would somehow break some balance issues, but it feels like a minor thing that would increase the pool options for class builds.

It was that way before and they decided to change it to only affect one hand spear attacks so that Retiarius would not have synergy with Fencer and Matador anymore (at least no damage boost synergy).
They also did that with Hoplite, so I doubt they will revert these changes anytime soon.

The biggest problem is probably the issue that there are close to no other classes that have any kind of synergy with either of those two classes, making Fencer & Matador a pretty sad one-way street to doom for new players.

You can still use Retiarius for support on that Rapier build,though, because your dagger skills still work fine without a spear (and Disarm,too), and Rete is still solid for grouping enemies even without a spear.

Now what I would do is give the Rete skills different effects depending on your weapon, for example, the Rete skills could drop the AoE defense of caught monsters to 0 if the user has a Rapier equipped, increases the damage dealt with a spear equipped, decreases the defense if a sword is equipped and so on.

Ah yea that sounds solid aswell. Didn’t know about the changes since earlier and you are right, sounds that reverting those changes wouldn’t come anytime soon. Just kinda wanna see more synergies between classes that actually have the room for it without breaking the class fantasy. =)

It is the only truly 1h spear class in the game can’t it have that?