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Retiarius PVP: Murmillo VS Dragoon?

Im looking for an updated PVP build centered in Retiarius and come up with this 3 builds (Theory Crafted)

Reti > Peltasta > Murmillo (SpearShld - Might not be killed easily but i dont know if i can kill with this)

Reti > Hoplite > Dragoon (SpearDggr - Better Damage than first, ithink? but lower defense)

Reti > Fencer > Matador (Just for the hype…But Reti seems wasted on this)

Those builds are just theory crafted build and i dont have much experience on sword class.
Also im looking for something that is a bit usable/viable even outside PVP. Something i can run in party contents(Cm and contents that need tank) without being discriminated :smiley:

Is it TBL/gemstone or GTW. cuz I think almost all GTW Reti I’ve seen were Templars.

Mostly TBL… .my guild cant keep up with gtw :frowning:
Also i feel like templar shines on gtw.

No shield = free kill, cloacking is very strong is tbl. You can go as reti > pelta > murm. I think is one of the best compositions for sword, you can also change pelta to templar. It`s more supportive and less punitive than pelta. If you really want to go for reti > hopli > dragoon. replace dragoon for templar/pelta/murm if you want to use shield, and replace hopli for templar if you want to use dagger.