Retiarius Build questions


Hi, I have 2 swordmans and I will like to find out a build for both(one will be templar and the other retiarus (I think this class fun to play and Im curious about it. I want to make both for pvp but Idk what classes should be good for retiarus.

Thanks in advance


Any other class with 1h spear piercing skills fits well with Reti.

As far as pvp goes, reti is pretty much stand-alone, meaning you can pick what you want as class 2 and 3 that fits your playstyle.

For me, it was Rodelero for the shield push silence, and Dopple for Zwerchhau bleed.


Why not make them both the same character?

Both are more PvP focused (Although Idt it’s fair to call a Pull Rete combo PvP)

If you separate them you’ll likely feel 1 of them is under-performing for whatever you use it for.

Templar has 1 attack and it’s animation is really bad, and it’s low SFR, IMO you either take Peltasta with it and then make a tank build, or you include it on top of another duo as a third pick (Typically one that can’t use a shield.)

Lancer - Cataphract - Templar
Doppel - Barbarian - Templar (this one is insanely strong all around)

Templar right now is the “There is nothing better to take because weapon restrictions are garbage” class, or the “I’m trying to be more durable and there is like 3 tank classes left in the Swordsman tree”

Reti - Templar - Peltasta

You may not get the benefit of the Sword attribute, and I’m sure a dozen low skill morons who don’t actually know how to PvP in any manner will tell you “It doesn’t have enough damage” but it’s a solid build that uses both of what you want, and very easy to play, since Pull Rete does almost all the work for you.


Thanks both for the answers in conclusion I think I want a mobility class with templar (idk if the horse will be enough) but reti-templar-peltasta seems fine for me or lancer/cata/templar. Anyway in case I dont want to be templar with reti what should I use?(idk if I will create the guild at the end so thats why). I would like to try out rodelero too but idk if I will have a decent dps in pve and a good dps in pvp like reti/rode and something more.