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[RESOLVED] Website with firefox

Wtf happen?
Is the forum not compatible with the firefox anymore?


Things Koreans don’t know about:

  • AMD processors
  • Mozilla Firefox browser

Weird, my forum works and look relatively well on firefox which is my default browser…

(at least it works better than my internet :\ )

Check your settings or add-ons, they might be interfering in some way…

EDIT: Looking into it a bit more, it could be a zoom “problem” have you tried zooming out and back to normal zoom?_?

Changing zoom fixes it. Just like risizing the window.

It’s still a bug and needs fixing on IMC’s end.

you seem to be misguided…’

if it’s an internal problem with the forum, hen you are pointing the finger at the wrong side of the International ToS :unamused:

but good to know there is a solution and a quick one sadly :smirk:

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I don’t care. It worked fine before. It only started like a week or two ago.

It’s surreal. Anything even remotely related to IMC is screwed up in some way.

Try updating your Firefox, I used to have this problem recently, it disappeared now.

Alternatively, just zoom in and zoom out (CTRL + mousewheel). It corrects the text alignment for some reason.

not zooming problem
not old update problem (latest update)
addon? not using any …and my adblock is off for the forum.
-amd processor
im using intel

the thing been that way for like a month …and now its fixed by itself? wow

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Amazing. One of the best ToS related things I witnessed in a long time.

:wave: :man_mechanic: :wink:


If only they could resolve the white background as fast too.

it’s been like that for a while. but yeah, i thought it was just me and my resizing preference (70%) that’s doing the problem.

I guess i should add that this problem came at the same time with this problem on firefox


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^ yep this problem still exist tho

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Oh Yeah! I completely forgot about that one, I guess cause it’s so rare for me to make threads and send messages that I forgot about it xD

but it does sucks…

@Alsheyra That’s why I use the “Dark Background and Light Text” (ib4 free promo cause is the only decent one now) add-on on FF, no more eye blinding white :smiley:

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I like how IMC gets blamed even by Firefox bugs now.


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Whatever. Actual FF bug or just difference in how different browsers handle html/css errors differently, it doesn’t matter.

It worked fine, then it broke out of nowhere, then Ethan fixed it. End of story.

Because if you have to quickfix someone’s else error it’s totally your fault. :woman_shrugging:

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Okay okay fine it’s a Firefox bug. I’m not autistic enough to go dig through bugzilla to be sure but whatever, I trust you.

I mean, you are not a bad person probably. There must be a reason you do all this.
It’s just kind of sad I think.

It’s probably the same type of reasons some people like you come to post just to say “heh, IMC hue hue hue ded game hue hue”.

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What a coincidence.
Me too I’d be too busy playing and enjoying the game instead of complaining about bugs and bad design decisions on the forums if the game was actually enjoyable and if there were things to do.