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Reset Helper...for what (added on May 12th)?

So, according to this little fellow, Hackpell, Pyromancer, Falconer, Tiger Hunter and Corsair got some changes deserving a class reset after the patch on May 12th.
What and where are those said changes? I mean, I play Pyromancer on my main and I’m struggling to find where is the difference.

been wanting to post the same topic bout helper…
i do notice the pyro prominence skill : art flame jewel is 100% uptime… 45s dura (instead of 30s on tooltip) or
is it i have the onmyo fox (that don add dura as i recall in tooltip)

Falconer i notice my circling skill had been reset into lvl 0 with 5free point on char. still the same +5 AAR n max lvl5 thou…

[UPDATE] Compensation for Balance Changes

  • Characters of classes affected by this patch’s balance changes can visit the Reset Helper NPC in the cities of Klaipeda, Orsha and Fedimian to receive either Class Points (1,000 per eligible class) or Attribute/Skill Reset Potions (1 ea/14 Days).
  • The Reset Helper NPC will be available for two weeks starting from this maintenance until May 26, 2020.
  • Class Points will be issued at 1,000 points per eligible class the character has advanced into (e.g. If your character is both an Onmyoji and an Elementalist, you will receive 2,000 points).
  • Please note that the total Class Points a character can accumulate cannot exceed 3,000 points.
  • Also, note that each character will only receive 1 set of reset items even if the character has advanced into multiple eligible classes (e.g. You will only receive a single Attribute Reset Potion and a single Skill Reset Potion even if your character has advanced into both Hunter AND Appraiser).
  • The following classes will be recognized as eligible by the Reset Helper NPC: Falconer, Hackapell, Pyromancer, Tiger Hunter, Corsair

This means we get 10 extra points for Falconer… nice.

10 extra points? no
just bonus 1000 class point

Falconer before may 12th patch circling max lv 5, after patch circlinv max lv 5, no different at all.
Weird patch note.

same with me (corsair)
brutality always 10 lvl, and DWA is 1
weird patch… but still free class point/reset skill… so cant complain lol

Yeah I don’t even understand what changed (level 15 -> 5?), we got only 5 points back which were spent to relearn the skill, so the Reset helper didn’t really help.

However they should have mentioned in the patch notes that Prominence skill was nerfed with CD 30s -> 45s (art effect 20s -> 30s).