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/reputation does not work

※ /reputation command can be used after releasing the Reputation.

No, it can not be used.

i used this and i still can use this right now
the info is error though 0/300 is written as daily where its supposed to be weekly
well the word “puta” is definitely banned and ended up make you unable to use it in macro
dont use the command in shout/guild/pt when the chat is broken. use it in normal chat only.

I believe it doesn’t work if you have the addon that protects against using banned words.

Oh that is pretty dumb… gg IMC. I didnt even think of that

Maybe dont block works used for game commands or use other words for commands?

Ah ty

Same thing when you try to type “jewel” in chat because the banned word parser doesn’t parse just strings but substrings too. Feels silly…