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Reporting SrBahikka for xenophobic behavior

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) :
November 25, 2021. 15:19 (GMT -3 / BRT = Server time)

Server Name:

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Reason for report:
Xenophobic comments against a minority nationality.

I guess there’s nothing much to add. No one should be insulted just because their country isn’t the same as most players in a server, nor it’s language isn’t the same.

10th paragraph in ToS’ terms of service:

You shall not use any abusive, defamatory, ethnically or racially offensive, harassing, harmful, hateful, obscene, offensive, sexually explicit, threatening or vulgar language. (Alternate spelling or partial masking of such words will be reprimanded in the same manner as the actual use of such words.)

Translation of his comment:

“You have to report those motherf**king chileans, it’s always a cuckold chilean”



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For this kind of behavior ToS have no new players… and i mean your behavior.