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Report on equipment and associated systems + Survey

We need more ways to get the boruta seal. 1 seal +1 per week with 30.000 mercenary badges…

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Approximately 0, give or take 1.

I think there might be one on itos now, but I was pretty sure there were only 1 or 2 on ktos.

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The issue with this approach is that takes a massive value away Boruta, which is designed to be a limited content. For that to be possible they need to change Boruta’s rewards.

Even then, that just lifts some stress from the system instead of improving or expanding it.

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I just hate this seal system. If I’m not in a good guild, it’s just very hard to get this essential item. And really, some contents, if when I was in a guild, the people don’t wanted me because I don’t had the seal level 3.

Obs: sorry abou my English, I’m not good with this and I just can’t use the Google Translator now (it’s bugged in my notebook).

I wasn’t expecting IMC to double down on vaivora a week after the new content, will add this extra poll cause why not…

Vaivora Upgrade

  • I don’t mind the extra power
  • Regular vaivora is enough
  • It’s time to stop, NO MORE

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