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Repair skill (squire)

Hi. One thing I don’t get it is why I max out repair skill at level 5 when the others are at lvl 15?
It supposed to be max level 15, what am I doing wrong?
I went with scout>clown>squire.

Level up some more, you need more Class levels in Squire to be able to raise it to 10, then 15 later on.

Take note, in case you misunderstand, EVEN IF YOU HAVE 15 SPARE POINTS, the game won’t let you go past Lv5 on the 1st tier of skills until you’ve reached Class Lv30(?), then another milestone is needed (Class Lv40 I think) to get it to Lv15.

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I see now! That helped, many thanks.

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The thresholds are class level 16 and class level 31 respectively to level skills past their initial cap

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Thanks! I really wasn’t sure (hence the “?” and “I think” parts) as I don’t hold any low level characters anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

But it definitely was just a class level up issue.