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[Renewed] Heroic's Tale Equipment Option

This article describes the option available to roll on the Heroic’s Tale main and sub weapon. Each weapon can allow up to 2 Option to be randomly selected.

Tier 1 (Blue)

Attack Speed 1

  • Reduce Final Damage and Cooldown of all skill by 50%.

Attack Speed 2

  • The Final Damage of attack skills with a cooldown of 5 seconds or less is increased by 50%.

Mana Burn 1

Final damage and SP consumption increase according to the cooldown of the attack skill.

  • less than 10 seconds : final damage +10%, SP consumption +100%.
  • 11 seconds to 19 seconds : final damage +25%, SP consumption +200%.
  • more than 20 secs: final damage +50%, SP Consumption +300%.

Mana Burn 2

  • Increases the final damage of attack skills that consume 300 SP or more by 25%.

Move Speed 1

  • Damage received is reduced by 50% while moving, Damage received is increased by 100% when not moving.
  • Final damage except [Magic Circle], [Area Continuous] and [Damage over time] skills, increases by 100% when moving.

Move Speed 2

  • Maximum stamina increases by 100.
  • Recover 10 stamina each time an attack skill is cast.

Heroic’s Tale Potion 1

The effect of the healing agent is changed as follows.

  • 5% HP and SP immediately Recovery.
  • Cooldown 10 seconds.

Heroic’s Tale Potion 2

Added Effect.

  • Gain [Elixir] buff stack by 1 for each cumulative use of items.
  • Physical/magical attack power increases by 40 per buff stack. (Max stacks 50, lasts forever)

Ballista 1

  • Ballista hit +1.
  • If not already in possession, obtain the [Ballista Device] item.

Ballista 2

  • Ballista increased range, number of targets +5.
  • If not already in possession, obtain the [Ballista Device] item.

Tier 2 (Red)

Attack Speed

  • Every 6 skill casts, if the cooldown of the skill is less than 20 seconds, its cooldown resets.

Mana Burn

  • The final SP consumption of all attack skills is increased by 100%.
  • When casting an attack skill, if the accumulated SP consumed by the attack skill is 1000 or more, [Short Circuit] is casted. Cast to inflict wide area damage in a 100 range in front.
  • [Short Circuit] skill factor 12000%, number of targets 20.

Move Speed

  • Dash Increases movement speed by 5, and increases skill factor every 0.3 seconds for 3 targets in a 60 range around you. Deals 3000% damage and consumes 2 stamina.

Heroic’s Tale Potion

Added Effect.

  • When using, [Acceleration] is applied for 5 seconds. Increasing Final Damage by 100% and reducing damage received by 30%.


  • Ballista fires 2 times in a row.
  • If not already in possession, obtain the [Ballista Device] item.

Tier 3 (Yellow)

Attack Speed

  • When you cast an attack skill, you gain [Immersion] stacks of buffs for 5 seconds.
  • Increases final damage during buffs by (number of stacks of buffs * 20)%. (Maximum 5 stacks)
  • If you cast an attack skill with a cooldown of more than 21 seconds, all buff stacks are lost.

Mana Burn

  • When the remaining SP is 5% or less after casting an attack skill, [Electric Discharge] to inflict AoE damage in an area of ​​200 nearby.
  • After that, you will receive a debuff that cannot attack, and the debuff will be removed when the remaining SP is 95% or more.
  • Discharge skill factor 50000%.
  • Number of hits 3, number of targets 20.
  • Recover 500 SP per second during debuff.

Move Speed

  • When dash more than 5 seconds, [Clash] is activated.
  • [Clash]: Increases movement speed by 15 while dashing, and at the end of the dash, deals 10000% damage to 5 targets within a 100 range. In this case, all stamina is consumed, and per 10 stamina consumed [Clash]'s consecutive hits increase by 1. (Maximum number of consecutive hits 10)

Heroic’s Tale Potion

Added effect.

  • When using, [Dosing] Casts.
  • [Dosing] skill factor 12000%.
  • Range 40, target stun for 3 seconds, AoE attack rate 0.
  • Recover 5% HP of party members within the explosion area.


  • Every 2nd shot, the ballista inflicts [Cannot Move] debuff to the target for 4 seconds.
  • Increases party members’ final damage by 100% when attacking the debuff target.
  • If not already in possession, obtain the [Ballista Device] item.

Title: Heroic’s Tale Equipment Option Guide
Server Name: Telsiai
Team Name: lKurogane


I still confuse, feel weak hit inside, usualy i leftover many coin even already buy potion and enhance roll,
Any guide??

Hi, can refer to this guide.

Its better if you used weapon options that suits your class skill.

Here is an example of a Schwarzer Reiter run. It is not the best, but decent.

[ Tree of Savior : EP13-2 ] Schwarzer Reiter - Heroic's Tale Solo Run - YouTube.