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Rename the current "Bokor" and recycle old Bokor as a Cleric class

Initially, Bokor had many problems with its class design, skill design and the mechanics, but many things happened since 2016 and now, and the current state of Bokor is no longer Bokor but some foreign class set in the Wizard tree.

Therefore I ask to change the classes name to something akin to “Cursemaster”, “Hexenmeister”, “Occultist” or whatever reflects the current game play the most.

The cons are obviously that you have to exchange the zombie sprites, rename the skills that still have their old names (Bwa Kayiman, Damballa, Effigy) and the class costume.

The pros are that you can recycle the old skill mechanics(Bwa Kayiman,Damballa,Effigy) and names (Ogouveve and Tet Mamak La can come back as potent damage skills) to recreate the old class Bokor and reintroduce it as a new Cleric class with a minimum of investment.

Because of the new physical/magic conversion attributes in Cleric, Bokor can serve as another class with the conversion attribute to complement both physical and magic builds.

Here are what the classes skills would do:

Available from class level 1:

Hexing: puts a debuff on the enemy that reduces its defense values (both physical and magic defense) Max targets 5+ skill level.
Debuff duration 60 seconds, cool down 20 seconds
Maximum skill level 5.

Effigy: deals damage to enemies under the Hexing debuff. Damage is pierce type (physical) or dark element (magic). Every 3rd hit will deal 3 times the initial damage.
3 OH, 10 seconds cool down
Maximum skill level 15.

Samediveve: increases the AoE attack ratio, attack speed and movement speed of summoned zombies near the symbol. The caster and nearby party members receive half the buff value.
Symbol duration: 60 seconds, AoE of the effect: 150,
cool down 60 seconds.
Maximum skill level 5.

Bwa Kayiman: channels the zombies to follow you in a line for up to 5 seconds, dealing damage to nearby enemies every 0.2 seconds. Damage is strike type (physical) or non-element (magic).
20 seconds cool down.
Maximum skill level 15.

Available from class level 16

Ogouveve: Creates a symbol that makes zombies frenzy, thus decay at a higher rate while increasing their damage dealt with normal attacks by the same amount.
Factor: 1.5+0.5 per skill level (at max level 5, zombies decay at 3.5 times the speed but also deal 3.5 times the damage when attacking).
Symbol duration: 30 seconds, cool down 60 seconds
Maximum skill level 5.

Zombify: creates a summon circle on the ground that periodically(every 0.3 seconds) produces a zombie. The maximum number of zombies a player can have active on the field is 10+ 1 per skill level.
Magic circle duration: 15 seconds
Cool down time : 30 seconds
Maximum skill level 10.

Zombify:Create wheelchair zombie and Zombify:Create large zombie reduce the maximum zombie limit by 50% when active.

A zombies attack value is equal to the players attack value regardless of type. They decay at a rate of losing 5% maximum HP every 3 seconds and cannot be healed.

Available from class level 31:

Damballa: Creates a sphere that periodically explodes nearby zombies to deal strike type (physical) or dark element (magic) damage. The maximum number of explosions the sphere can induce before vanishing is depending on the skill level.
Maximum explosions 5 + 5 * skill level.
Sphere duration: 10 seconds
Cool down time 30 seconds
Maximum skill level 5.

Tet Mamak La: throws a cursed monkey skull on the field,dealing strike type (physical) or poison element (magic) damage to nearby enemies every 0.3 seconds.
Cast time: 2 seconds
Skill duration: 1+1 seconds per skill level.
Cool down time: 20 seconds
Maximum skill level 5.


Theres a reason they abandoned the summoning concept, but yeah new Bokor is kinda foreign compared to what it used to be. Its kinda funny how Bokor got moved to Wizard for Summoner reasons though and then got changed to a Caster. I think a caster type bokor in Cleric would be nice too, cause zombie summoning was kinda sh it outside of AFKing memes.

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Oof… I still very dearly miss old Bokor. Best class. Old summoner Bokor was actually pretty good with Spr gear too when they added that Zombie Bite debuff. (It was a ~3 second debuff zombies applied, that spawns a zombie if anyone kills that enemy). Still salty that they didn’t just fix the garbage damage zombies started doing after that one patch…

Changing the current Bokor to Occultist or something and readding the old Bokor to Cleric sounds nice. Good ideas too.
I would add some QoL to some skills that desperately needed it, like:

~Hexing could be applied with a magic circle and never miss

~Ogou and Samedi could function much like Krivis’s Aukuras aura, or an arts that applies full/half their effects to newly made zombies.
Samedi stopped being worth having the more they kept buffing Damballa, and Zombie Bite debuff (or w/e it was called) would unfortunately overwrite your old buffed up zombies.

I would remove Damballa completely out of preference or throw it on a 1m cd, micromanaging zombies was way more enjoyable than spending them.

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to me bokor and taoist priest are always supposed to be in cleric. classes with religious theme are more suitable as cleric like monk,priest,kabbalist,zealot,oracle etc they all related to beliefs/religion/cult. its just like how silly linker and thaumaturge in scout where their attack effect are magical theme. if they just making bokor zombie as buff or somethin to explode they couldve make it as anything else, but hey theres this class named warlock with not so much different concept in wiz tree.

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