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Remove the monthly spending TP limit on my account.

I have a big problem. Since February I try to use more than 1k of TP. Well, I sent several tickets not only to try to solve, but also to understand, because I put to enjoy the event of the month (Arbor Day) and apparently the Support Team doesn’t even help with that. What are the unlocking criteria? I shop regularly at STEAM.

I have never seen this: limit the amount of points (TP) that a player can use. So I read comments that this game is being abandoned little by little.

And I confess that my desire is to abandon the game and play anything where the player, who PAYS for the chests, has more attention.

I am quite frustrated with the service that this company provides.

Hello mathiasdemenezes,

Apologies for the inconvenience. We would like to inform you that there is a policy being followed in order to process your request about TP spending limit. We highly suggest to contact support again after spending more time playing normally.

yeah “Play normally”