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Remove the Malleus Maleficarum - Energy Blast interaction and put it back to Divine Stigma

Since Krivis and Monk have been reworked to be fully strike type while the Inquisitor and Monk synergies have been severed by:

  • Ripper cool down reduction and damage boost relies on the channeling set and the Inquisitor vaivora,
  • Energy Blast damage boost relies on the casting set and the Monk vaivora;
  • the holy property boost of Judgments debuff probably also no longer apply to Energy Blast

please remove the Malleus Maleficarum interaction and bring it back to Divine Stigma

If the 2x hits are too powerful because it has nearly full uptime, just change it to +50% damage with Energy Blast against enemies under Divine Stigma debuff


i have seen so many good ideas for the monk, but everyone knows that imc will not do anything good with the class, because they don’t care about their community, they prefer to stay stubborn and make a monk in the most boring way possible and that will never change, unless they stop being closed minded and stop having tunnel vision.

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They said in the Last Q&A that they dont care about input from Itos players ( cuz they lenguage barrier, they can´t undestand ) i call bullshit but it is what it is so dont bother friend or use google translate and change it to korean, maybe that way they ll read you


Malleus + EB is da wae. Smol kamehameha can grow one beeg kamehameha