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Remove the goddess gear requirements for Saint Sacellum Solo

I do not understand why have this requirement on top of Gear Score 420.

You can reach GS420 with stuff like optimized ep12 gear or Glacia Legenda stuff so it feels stupid to not be able to use it.

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Probably so you can’t just pass gears around your 30 alts optimized for solo snek killing, you’d have to bring in a char you’ve invested on I suppose.


Ah it makes sense, though I still find it paradoxal that you need goddess gear in order to farm goddess gear.

If this is really the goal then isn’t there another way? It could be by raising the attribute score, which is something that can’t be transfered easily to other characters

For how they made it, they should’ve done it so you get gear from the story instead of episodes

Normally you’d have Dysnai or Glacia equip on your alt and just use the Inheritance method to convert it to Goddess. Since you can obtain arks and Luciferie (almost) for free to boost your gear score, it should be trivial to re-increase your gear score to 420.

This. By upgrading your alt to “bare” Goddess equip, it will not be more powerful than equipped with optimized 440 stuff. Basically you cannot do “much” with it until you’ve farmed scales for it, and you don’t have many runs per character, so you cannot simply make a lot of alts and farm the scales for your main.

They did: Ep 13-1 reward = full goddess set