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Remove the CARD COST!

Guys, you really need to remove the cost when we unequip a card, 'cause it’s just USELESS and makes the game more boring… If weren’t for this cost, we would have A LOT more possibilities on using the HIGH AMOUNT of cards that exists…

1 - We can just change de cards depending on what we’re doing.
2 - The useless cards we have today wouldn’t be useless anymore.
3 - We could change cards for PvP, PvE, Raids, DG’s, etc.
4 - The price of cards wouldn’t have this HUGE diference that we see today.
5 - More players would have more sets of cards.
6 - We would stop seeing players using the SAME set of cards ALWAYS.


sure… we can go back the old way. Remove one level when unequip.

Far shot but I would lovs if this does happens lol

they should make it so you can have multiple “card sets”
that’d be way better

also while i’m at it, i think the silver cost is ok, not expensive and way better than losing a full star when removing cards


Guys, I’m not asking to remove the cost and keep the “remove one level”. I’m asking for some freedom on how to use our cards, without ANY penalty, 'cause it’s just USELESS. Card should be like your clothes, that you change according to the situation you are at. We have some “inflict damage to X elemental, race, or whatever” that IS USELESS due the fact that NO ONE will pay 1,2M every time that changes the map or the target!

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I agree, the damage vs mob types or elements has lots of potential to be useful swaps, but nobody is gonna spend the silver, so you end up always using the one thats good in every situation. I know it might be a bit costly to gather so many cards for every situation, but it really breathes life into the card system, instead of having 1 obviously superior card for all situations.
(I also believe many of the card effects just need reworks in general, cause even with free card swap they would still be trash but oh well.)


then just remove it and feed it to lv10 again? What is the problem? That’s not about the card penalty itself but the multi toons problem too.

as if leveling to lvl10 takes 2 cards…
either you’ve never done it or you clearly have too many cards to “waste” for this