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Remove the animation when using Enchant Jewels


Basically what the title says, it’s really annoying to spend so much time rerolling 1k+ Jewels due to its animation. Apply the same change you did on Ichors but in Jewels, Thank you in advance.


Yes please. And the same for all magnifiers too.
Maybe a checkbox for that in the magni/jewel UI. Even if it is ‘Token users only’. Just do it.


Yes. You are right. Its so annoying. They should removed or may be changed the animation. I think change the animation is the best idea.

yes, but please remove ALL of useless animations / delay

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BDO had an option to skip those animations, what is so difficult for IMC to implement that?

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But they need every reason to make people stay in game for another minutes.

why does my comment look so different? :distinguished:

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oh shid. i messed the quote lol