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Remove non-main quests from quest list tracking

Usually we run the main quests only while lvling. I think it is very unpleasant to uncheck all those quests from the tracker everytime we change map or increase lvl. If one desires to include sub quests in the quest list on the right side of the screen they can just check then on F5 (quest menu). Also, main quest goes to the bottom of the list, If they still on top might be better already.

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this wont happen if you at least check 1 main quest. this seems a bug/wobbly mechanic but thats my way how.

For map change/relog it seens fine. But as soon as you lvl up, the tracker will be filled with secondary quests sending the mains quest to the bottom. When the quest is in the bottom of the list, I cant read the contents properly in the resolution that I play. Since lvls comes very quickly, very often I find myself unticking those alternative quests.

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Main quest UI overhaul is on its way (check the kToS thread), I think it’s gonna be easier to track quests soon.