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Remove Bounty Hunts

I won’t take gloves here… this is boring af as well as plain stupid. Who in his mind has 20 minutes to waste for each bounty to get one fragment when you need 20 to complete a gem and then 4 gems per character. I thought I’d never do this again after leveling up 4 level 460 gems for my main, but now you want us to repeat this stinking process AGAIN for the level 480 equip? At this point we don’t have the patience for this BS. Please give those rewards to Bernice where they belong and remove the stupid bounty hunts…


This is because you see the content as chore, not something fun, which frankly with this complaint you are in no state of seeing the game content as something enjoyable anymore, but rather serious grind house.

30 minute cleaning ur own house can be seen as chore, but with positive mind it can be workout and mind meditating. Does anyone force you to repeat it like race horse? Nah. Cause the result is what get you exhausted from it.

Ofc from content side, it could be boring, tedious, and unrewarding. But from your point of view you just sick of the game. This is just typical one of many complaints someone would made before finally taking hiatus or leave the game lol.


It would simply be a matter of small adjustments:

  • limit appearance of “wanted” to one occurence per map
  • fix glitch of wanted appearing during leaving a map (this freezes the game and forces process kill)
  • swap difficulty of bosses (final boss on target map should be more dangerous than the wanted random bosses you get along the way)
  • maybe fix the number of fragments and just give key/extra rewards by low chance instead of giving a meaningless rank randomly to the final boss
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