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Relief Supply Bags/Pouches

I just finished completing my third map for reputation and the last two are not far from done. Currently I’m using the extra bags/pouches on those two, but what to do with all this crap when those will also be maxed? They can’t be discarded…

I guess they will end up on my “obsolete dogshit” tab in team storage along with EP11 equipment… I wish they could be exchanged for reconstruction coins which are still useful after reputation is maxed while the pouches and bags become meaningless.

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I hope they do something with them in the future, they’re piling up in my inventory :x

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Hope they give something like exchange repu mats to coin so your repu doesnt go to kek

in korea you can trade them for reputation coins so it is just a matter of time to get that patch here until then just hoard them.

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