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Regarding skill damage formula x attribute

So I have some questions and confused, my questions are:

  1. Magic amplification get multiplied by attribute?
  2. Elemental property atk get multiplied by attribute?
  3. Additional dmg on specific armor and size (venom, karacha daggar) get multiplied by attribute?
  4. Crit attack multiplied by attribute?

What I know from before is that Crit atk, addtional dmg and ele-atk, these 3 are added into final damage output after the damage calculation does. But my guildmate tell me the different thing. So I need confirmation @_@ thanks for any help provided in advance.

1.) Yes.
2.) Yes.
3.) Yes.
4.) Yes.

The reason being, enhance attribute is the second last multiplier applied at the very very end of the damage formula. All of those things you said are applied even before T1~3 modifiers.

Please refer to this.

(((((Skill Attack + Effective Attack) + (random(0% … 100%) * Magic Amplification)) * (100% + Base Modifier)) - ((Effective Defense * (100% + Level Penalty)) + Elemental Resistance)) * (100% + (0 or 50% if crit)) + (0 or Critical Attack) + Extra Elemental Attack + Enemy Specific Damage) * (100% + Skill Modifier) * (100% + Common Modifier) * (100% + Target Modifier) * (100% + Enhance Modifier) + Bonus Damage


Thanks for bold it out. I have read this threat but i does not understand it, and might get misunderstanding. Thanks for your explanation.

Last question tho, magic amplification or elemental atk benefit more on skill damage?

Neither. Think of magic amp and element atk as a bonus… that also gets multiplied by enhance attribute.

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