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Regarding Guild Events (Raids, Mission, Boss)

Does the guild gets rewards after completing them? Can anybody share their experience from doing and completing guild events?

PS I know its buggy as hell. We only tried it once and the event didn’t trigger. lol.

Anybody? :cry:


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hello mate! every guild tower level give you new missions until reaching level 7 i think. the boss mission gives you potion recipes, while the only guild raid mission at level 7 the mage tower mission, gives you talt and the guinea pig mount. we haven’t tried all the guild mission boss fights. but some of them don’t really trigger. all we know is we only got potion recipies on them :slight_smile:

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templershooter boss giv one potion that boost strike attack…my guild killed it sucessfully.

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it seems like from all the info I gathered, Guild Raids seems to provide the better rewards. Do we only have Mage Tower for Guild Raid?

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For now Mage Tower is the only Small Scale raid that we’ve gotten, At lvl 10 is the Tiltas Valley Full Guild Raid.

We started killing all the bosses, this is what we got so far. I don’t know what the seeds are for, but I’ll eventually find what you can do with them. I’ll try to post my results.

Templeshooter boss - Recipe;

Poata boss - Lavender Seeds;

Abomination boss - Jonazole Seeds;

P.S: Forgot to add, that in order to summon the boss, every player that press “Join” when the event starts, must be in the exact location (channel included), and then it will appear.


Are there any uosis seeds or are all boss missions for buff potions like this?

All the seeds are for pot recipes, sorry, the system is bad :<

would have been great if there was uosis seeds to plant other than sea weed all day

Guild event bosses are garbage, the whole guild system is, aimed for pvp or some specific classes

a lot of info over there, so far all the pots are only work against players as far as i know.

The farming system is rather complicated and troublesome, so I will try to be as much clear as possible.

  1. Those seeds received as guild events rewards are used inside the guild hangout only, and goes to the guild storage after completing the mission or killing the boss. The guild storage can be seen by any guild member but only the guild master can withdraw items.

  2. Actually the guild master can choose which guild members will receive those seeds (or any other item) from the storage directly to the member mailbox (that is the same lodge’s mailbox that you receive EXP tomes and compensations from IMC). No one can put items inside the storage, it’s used for rewards only.

  3. The guild master should have spent at least 1 point at farming skill when leveling up the guild to have access to the farming field spots inside the hangout. Each farming skill level gives the guild 3 spots to plant the seeds. So farming level 2 gives 6 spots in total, etc.

  4. Growing the seed: you must buy an equipment called “watering can” at the guild master NPC in Klaipeda. After planting a seed, you should water it after 2-3 hours or it will wither and die (the seed becomes useless and you must remove it). Don’t water too much or it will die too. Each plant has a kind of “hidratation bar” that must be near full.

  5. After watering it twice on the right times, it’s fully grown (about 6 hours). Each seed will turn on the herb that is ready to be harvested (a button called “harvest” appears above the spot).

Important points:

1 seed transforms into 50 herbs, but that’s a lot of work to do.

Those herbs are used as material with the attack potion recipes received as rewards from the events.

The attack potions are bound to the character. It means you cannot trade them.

Any guild member can make the steps above, but only if he/she will use the potion, since it cannot be traded.