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Regarding Dragoon

Hello, as the title suggest. I’m still new so I don’t really know how to word it. But what do you guys think about Dragoon class in the mid and end game ? Is it viable ? I want to play this class but I wanted to know about a few things :

  1. Can the class solo play ? I don’t have other friends playing with me so I’d love to be able to do content alone or maybe at least can contribute in things in case I need party.
  2. How is the aoe / mobbing ? I tried reading the skill in but it seems everything is mostly single target skill ?
  3. May I know what class should I pair with it ? and how should I build the skill ? I don’t really understand about equipment to go for too but I guess a swordsman guide from certain forum user is viable.

I think that’s all for now, thanks for coming by and reading. I hope I can get answer soon. Have a nice day

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  1. Yea the class can easily solo, though also depending on your other circles
  2. Aoe/Mobbing is kind of decent. I’m not max level yet so i don’t have dragon fall, but dethrone and gae bolg are quite good at mobbing. Other skills are kind of trash though.
  3. My other circles are peltasta, and cataphract, so it’s more defense/movement oriented, but dragoon is kind of niche as I understand it anyways. I would say it’s beginner friendly though. Especially with new changes to dragoon helmet (reducing SP cost, instead of increasing, for one)

Here is a video I made of my peltasta - cataphract - dragoon, only diff is right now I didn’t rank dragoon thrust since it sucks now. Gonna replace it with dragon fall instead.

Game keeps getting updated so even if it sucks right now it probably will eventually become good. Not too sure if it sucks now but it did suck for a long time. But overall a niche class, and most people pick lancer instead.

Update: Finally reached enough class level to get dragon fall, and it’s actually a very good skill, and it’s very nice for mobbing.

1 - yes
2 - yes its very good, just not the top top as doppel, but still good
3 - if you want to be on foot like me: hoplite + your choice
if you like mounted classes, the perfect combination is: cataph and lancer;

My build is focus on dragoon with 2h spear
If you want normal mobbing, farming. Ya it still good enough but not like dop.
Also my sw-dragoon-lancer-barbarian is very good at bossing (u can call it one of best class to make boss cry a lot)
And also goon can go with some other circle like peltasta, hoplite, cata, reti.
I tried all of them. So they have their pros and con.
For pel, u can go if u hold at least shield. If you hold shield as main equipment, you can’t take lancer (or you lose defend stat). So pelt can go best for hop (as you want to take goon)/cata, not reti/lancer
For hop, u can take cata/reti/pelt/lancer/… it work well with spear even 1h or 2h.
For cata, the buff only effect for “mounted” skill. So that’s mean they useless for goon. So it work well for lancer and some other class like hackapell.
For reti, well basically this class work good on pvp and burst… I don’t really like this job too much. Since ur skill base on ur rebuff.(and it have long cd)

So back to my build, it’s lancer-goon-barba.
First i choose lancer cuz the burst and debuff on this class (and buff too). Lancer is one of most job best to against boss. 50% armor debuff and block pen. (High single target dmg and some not bad ale skill). And also I use 2h spear to Deal maximum dmg.
Secondly, goon. Well I like this class, the hat, the skill good on mobbing and bossing. (Nothing much to talk about this job, u can see another post)
Lastly, why barba. Why should u take barba. In my opinion, barba have art (leather armor art) can. Make ur 2h minimum atk increase. (U should check on skill simulator) and frenzy, the best buff skill on sw tree, work well for every build as sw. and my 2 circles above have a lot of skill… I don’t want more skill so I pick barba as buff circle for goon.

Well that’s my opinion, maybe u can find some other interesting build. Also hope my post help u.