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Regarding DL Mirtis Card

Hi guys. as the title say

about this card does the penalty reduction capped or additive…?
AFAIK ele property dmg penalty capped @-25%
based on

i am using terra-ele-tao build BTW.


It’s multiplicative. A 5★ card will reduce the penalty to -12.5%.

ah i see…!!

so if i use 5* mirtis and use elemental essence: ele balance attribute it will reduce the penalty to 0.

the thing is does ele essence atributes work during buff time or like passive atributes…?

(please say passive. T_T)

sorry to keep askin but as i see in many builds and ask arround ppl just said its not worth to take elemental essence.

While the buff is active.

Uncertain if they stack additively or multiplicatively.

Elemental Essence is very strong when it applies. When it doesn’t apply, it’s useless.