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Regard Sword Buffs in a BM Build


As I’m currently investing in putting together a Scout-BM, how does the sword buffs like Asio and Wastrel work with Double Gun Stance?

Asio specifically says that the buff has a chance to activate every attack.

Critical attacks delivered with a One-handed Sword apply a buff.

Wastrel says that it is in every strike

10% chance per Strike attack to increase Critical Rate

Which of these two would be more appropriate to use or use Masinios would make more sense for their attributes?


The effect of Wastrel only works on DGS if you also have Enchanter’s Lightning Hands. It’s the most popular one for BM.

I have no idea if Asio Sword works with DGS, gotta wait for some KTest scientists to answer that one.


Could Asio work in the same way as Wastrel?


a little correction: wastrel wrath triggered with any strike skill too, like linker electric shock and outlaw outrage